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Why Choose Us

At The Dance Place we put the dancer first.  There are many studios to choose from in the Long Island area, and finding the right fit for you or your child is very important.  As a parent, professional dancer and choreographer I hope to give you many reasons why you should choose The Dance Place.  So here are some basic facts and insights that we live by at our studio to help you better your knowledge of dance instruction in a dancers' world today.  I hope this will answer some of your questions about us and if not, my door is always open!
-Miana DeLucia
Director of The Dance Place

*A dancer needs a proper dance floor to develop muscles in the leg correctly.  A "floating" floor is best because there is special foam underneath to absorb shock when the dancer jumps.  This also prevents dancers from developing bulky leg muscles and prevents injury to the knees.

*Ballet is the core to all dance.  Students who take Ballet learn the basic fundamentals of all dance styles, and usually excel quicker in all other forms of dance.

*Hip Hop and modern or contemporary lyrical movement is always changing with the times.  A good instructor will continue their education in dance by taking classes themselves to keep up with the constant changing new styles of dance.  There are some classic techniques of dance that will never change but these styles mentioned above are always changing.  The instructors at the Dance Place are all highly educated professionals, and have been exposed to all aspects of a career in dance.  We still take classes and continue to grow and learn as dancers.

*Dance is supposed to be fun as well as structured.  Just because a studio has many strict rules for you and your child does not always mean that they are the best.  There should be structure and respect for the teacher in a dance class, or in any learning environment, however a "mean" teacher is not always a "good" or "more serious" teacher.  A great teacher can gain a students respect without having to be "mean".  We try to make our students feel comfortable enough to ask questions because this is important for learning.  

*It is easy to be sure you or your child are learning proper technique when the dance vocabulary is enforced.  Ballet terms are in French.  If your child is speaking funny French words they are probably learning ballet.  I love to use the example for our sudents from my experience as a 12 year old girl dancing with a Ukranian ballet company.  The choreographer spoke Russian, and I spoke English but we were able to communicate because we both understood the French ballet vocabulary.  This was the only way I could learn the choreography.  Beyond the vocabulary proper dance training and body alignment in ballet is very important because if taught incorrectly serious damage can be made to the joints and muscles.  

*Be sure you choose a studio that offers something for the "recreational" dancer and also offers  a program for the potential "serious" or more committed dancer.  So many dancers I went to college with felt they were cheated by their local dance studios because there was so much technique that they were not taught. It is really hard to catch up on this as the dancer gets older.  We at The Dance Place promise you will never feel cheated on your technique.  

*Performing is a huge part of being a dancer.  Be sure that your studio offers multiple performance opportunities.  We have a competition team, annual Nutcracker, Recital, and local performances throughout the year. Performing in front of dozens of people will set the stage for many stages in life, and there is never enough practice for this.  

*Whether you choose dance for exercise or for a career have fun with it!  There are so many things to worry about in life and the few hours between the walls of a dance studio or at the ballet barre can do wonders for children and adults.  Beyond the physicality, dance is an
art, and the dance studio is the  perfect place to express yourself!

Here's what people are saying about us!

Sarah T.
★★★★★ Best Dance Studio

Sarah T.

My Daughter started dancing here when she was two and has enjoyed dancing tap, ballet and hip hop!!!! She loves it. The Teachers are professional and knowledgeable and they offer so many different kinds of classes.... They even have a Mommy and Me Music class for kids ages 6 months- 5 years, which my Son has loved going to... I would definitely advise anyone who loves dance to go!!!

Christine M.
★★★★★ Wonderful Dance School!

Christine M.

I Love the Dance Place! All my children have taken classes here and loved it! It is a warm, friendly, nurturing environment for all ages. It feels like family! The teachers are wonderful, patient and never snobby like other dance schools in the area. The kids really learn the art of dance from professional, expert teachers. Wouldn't have my kids go to any other dance school!

patricia j.
★★★★★ Serious but NOT mean! Student 1st!

patricia j.

My daughter is sixteen and is a competition dancer for The Dance Place, and wants a career in dance. We switched from another local studio where my daughter learned all she could from them. Now that we have switched, I realize it was the best thing we could have done, she has learned so much more from the teachers at the dance place. I learned that just because a studio has more rules and seems less friendly, or acts more "serious" does NOT mean they are a good studio. I wish I found the dance place years ago, because my daughter has learned so much from them, and though they are serious, they are not mean, and they do not enforce ridiculous rules on the parents. They REALLY do put their students best interest first!

kelly m.
★★★★★ Above all others

kelly m.

My 5 year old daughter has been at the dance place for three years, she loves it. The dance place has the perfect balance of fun and structure, so she learns and listens without even knowing it. The freedom to wear different ballet clothes gives her the opporunity to express herself instead of wearing the same outfit as everyone else.
My 6 year old son is in his second year of Hip Hop, the constant encouragement from the wonderful teachers has given him a world of confidence and no longer two left feet! His moves are mind blowing. The option to be apart of the annual Nutcracker performance makes this studio stand out from all others. Quite simply: at the place everybody matters.

Marlee d.
★★★★★ Best dance place in Hicksville!

Marlee d.

My two year old started dance class here three years ago, she loves it! It is very professional, but still very fun. My daughter danced in their Nutcracker this year and also had her birthday party here, she can't get enough! Without doubt the best place to take dance class in Hicksville!

Jennifer Bauer

Jennifer B.

This is absolutely the best Dance School around. My daughter won't dance ANYPLACE else. She LOVES to dance and it is due to the teachers at the Dance Place! Miss Miana (Sorry I know I spelled that wrong) and Miss Tonya are among two of the best teachers they are loving and caring and treat the children as there own. She has learned so much and I thank you for that!

kelley L.
★★★★★ The Dance Place is wonderful!

kelley L.

My daughter switched to the dance place from another local studio, and I am sick over all the years wasted and the money spent at the other local dance studio. She learned more at The Dance Place in one month than she learned in years. Great personal attention, great attention to detail, very professional! We are very happy here!

michelle r.
★★★★★ Dance Instruction in a professional, loving environment!

michelle r.

My daughter takes dance class here and she never wants to leave the studio when ballet is over! She loves it so much and the instructors are so loving, kind, and patient. They are so creative and have a way of teaching proper technique to even the 2 year olds while having fun! My son is in the boys hip hop and he absolutely loves it, they learn all kinds of new moves. This dance studio really put their heart and soul into everything they teach. They have tap, jazz, combo classes, lyrical, ballet, musical theater, adult classes and more. They even do birthday parties!


The Best Place for Dance! I did a lot of scouting before enrolling my daughter in dance at age 2. This is the best one we found and after two years there, we couldn't be happier! My daughter has thrived under the caring teachers and structured environment. They even offer extra classes like Mommy and Me Music for ages 6 months to 5 years!!!

M Goldberg

The Dance Place just opened this fall, but the friendly vibe of the staff and the wonderful way the studio is run makes me feel like they've been in business forever. My daughter loves the studio owner/her teacher, Miss Miana, who has the patience of a saint and really knows her stuff. The pricing is reasonable for classes, which is wonderful. They even have adult classes, which I've started taking and am loving. Definitely check this place out!

Janice R

Since my daughter was 2, all she looks foward to is attending her dance classes on Saturday. It is a structured environment and caring towards the children.  Trully  caring and patient teachers.

Isabel B

Hello Dance Place!  Hope all is well!  Just wanted to share with you Ava Elizabeth Belen walking the Runway and Red Carpet for Child Model Magazine at Georgia this weekend!  Thank you for being one of the reasons that help Ava develop the confidence and grace!

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