Dance Classes

Tiny Tutus and Tuxedos Preschool Program-
Our Tiny Tutus and Tuxedos Preschool Program offers a variety of classes designed for dancers aged 7 and under. This specialty dance program, devoted solely to younger dancers, provides a warm and nurturing environment where students can learn, grow and have fun!  We want to make each dancer’s experience a wonderful one! We offer a strong curriculum that focuses on each individual age group, convenient class times for busy families, a clearly defined calendar year, pricing with no hidden surprises or fees and a friendly and knowledgeable staff all in the hands of our professional staff!

Tiny Tutus and Tuxes Creative Movement
This class has been specifically designed for 24-36 month olds' who are not yet potty trained but want to try class alone, like the big kids! This class is 40 minutes long. Through movement exercises, games, and other activities, the very young are introduced to the joy of creative movement in a fun, musical setting. This is An introduction to the joy of movement for our littlest dancers!  Classes include elements of ballet, jazz, and character, as well as "danceplay" with scarves and wands among other favorite props.

Tutus and Tuxes Tap and Ballet Combination Classes
Children will continue to practice the basic elements of creative movement and basic ballet. The children will be encouraged to expand their movement vocabulary through movement games and creative exploration of time, weight and space. Basic ballet concepts such as the ballet positions, plié,  releve and much more will be introduced. Fun, creative elements such as imaginative activities will keep the pace of the class lively and engaging. Tap will be introduced with a focus on rhythm and coordination.  It incorporates a little more technique with a half-hour of tap and a half-hour of ballet or jazz.

Tutus & Tuxes Hip Hip Combination Classes
In this class, students will learn the fundamentals of hip-hop movement. It is an upbeat and high-energy class! Stretching, isolations, rhythms, musicality, upper body strength and funky footwork will all be incorporated. Students will learn to memorize choreography by working on a combination each class.  This class is often paired with a 30 minute ballet warm up or a half hour acrobatic class.

Tutu and Tuxes Tumble Classes (Acrobatics)
The class will be working gross motor skills and entry level skills such as forward roll, backward toll, handstand, cartwheel, round-off, bridge, backbend, backbend kick-over, back walkover.  This class is often paired with a half hour hip hop or ballet class.

Musical Theater
The triple threat!  A mix of singing, dancing and acting.  These classes focus on the all-around Broadway style performance.  Students will learn several different techniques to master memorizing scripts, voice projection, and movement with an emphasis on stage presence.  We will hold a musical theatre production each winter to accompany this class.  It is not madantory but it is a great experience.

Classical ballet technique with an emphasis on line, posture, control, balance, grace, and poise, utilizing French terminology.  These techniques are taught through both barre and center work.  This class is highly recommended for all students pursuing their dance education in any dance style, as it is the essential basic foundation to all forms of dance!  Class enrollment is not determined by age, but by student's level.

One of the most commercialized types of dance, jazz technique combines movements of the entire body.  Our classes begin with warm-up exercises focusing on flexibility, strength, and coordination to music.  The rest of the class is a combination of across the floor exercises and high energy movements creating exciting dance routines.

Hip Hop
Very contemporary, popular, athletic dance style with urban influences, as seen in music videos, etc... Relaxed class atmosphere where dancers experience a fun workout where they are free to let themselves go!

A form of dance in which feet create rhythmic sounds.  This form of dance develops a strong sense of rhythm, coordination and agility.  Children's programs use the Al Gilbert tap program in order to develop proper technique.

Lyrical, Contemporary
A combination of classical ballet and modern jazz.  It is a passionate form of dance in which dancers express their feelings.  It tells a story through expression and movement that is fluid, smooth, and controlled.

This is a newer approach to dance inspired by Martha Graham, Lester Horton, Doris Humphrey, and many other great early century choreographers.  It emphasizes a whole body approach to allow freedom of expression with strength, flexibility, and coordination.

A style of dance that combines classical dance technique with acrobatic gymnastic technique.  Students will learn flexibility, and basic tumbling.

Ballroom Kids Cha Cha/ Samba
Cha cha is a fast and rhythmical dance originating from Cuba. The dance uses quick sharp and often playful movements to express the music. It's character is energetic, fun and dynamic.

Samba originates from the carnival celebration in Brazil. It is a dance of celebration which plays with a 'bouncing' action and a wide variety of rhythms and unique body movements. The character of samba is lively and rhythmical.

Ballroom Kids Rhumba/Jive
Rumba is the slowest of the latin dances. It is known as the dance of love and romance because of its emphasis on partnering and beauty. Rumba also originates from Cuba. It's movements use a combination of slow and quick actions with an exaggeration on the finishing stretch and elongation. 

Jive is the only international latin dance which originates from the United States. It is inspired by swing dancing and is the fastest of the latin dances. The jive uses very fast leg and foot action and is arguably the most lively and energetic dance in the style. Jive has a happy carefree character full of energy, play and freedom.